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Kangen Water for Health
& Financial Success

Anti-Oxidant – Microclustered – Alkaline

Are you drinking water that hydrate your body or do you feel bloated after you drink water? Do you drink water that is alkaline and anti-oxidant or is it acidic? Not sure…register to attend our Kangen Wellness Seminars (KWS) which will answer these questions and MORE! The KWS include full presentations, demonstrations, and Q&A’s. Our KWS are usually held at the end of every month. We will also conduct KWS at your residence, or a location of your choice, on a day and time convenient for you and your invited guests. Our Molecular Hydration Consultants provides knowledge and education on the importance of hydration which is vital to gain and sustain optimal health. Kangen water, because of its properties and many health benefits, is like no other! Kangen ionized water is micro-clustered, anti-oxidant, and alkaline.

Since our pH balance is an indicator of our health condition, it is imperative to be informed of your alkaline level. We provide information to assist you to determine your pH balance and recommendations to increase your pH to an alkaline level.

While enjoying optimal health, you can also enjoy great financial benefits through Enagic’s Patented Compensation Plan as an Independent Distributor. Please complete the form below to attend our next KWS and/or visit our “Events” page for scheduled KWS.