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In Loving Memory of Our Mother

Nellie’s Daughters, Designer Clothing & Wellness Boutique was established by two sisters; Linda and Cenny C., in memory of their late mother, Nellie Cherry Hester. Nellie lived a vibrant and enjoyable life until November 2, 2014, She would have been 90 years of age on April 2, 2015. Mother is survived by “the 12 of us” (8 daughters and 4 sons); Cenny C. is the 9th and Linda is the youngest .

Nellie carried herself with dignity and grace. Her stylish dress and impeccable grooming set the standard for her family. As a result, her children always dressed fashionable and several of “the 12 of us” developed interest and skill in sewing & creating uniquely designed garments. Because of the many life experiences Nellie instilled in her children, most became entrepreneurs in various industries and have continued to be successful to this day.

Cenny C. developed a passion of sewing and creating one-of-a-kind pieces as a teenager. Her joy of sewing eventually resulted in creating and designing garments for herself and others. She has enjoyed being a seamstress for the past 40 years. As life progressed, Cenny adopted a vegetarian diet and valued the importance of a lifestyle of good health and wellness. Because of the notable changes in her overall health, she began to encourage others to be more cognizant of their health. This led to achievements as a Certified Natural Health Professional (CNHP), a Natural Hair Care Specialist, and a Molecular Hydration Consultant. Cenny C. is a full-time volunteer minister, and have supported her family, friends and community in this ministry for over 30 years!

Linda’s natural ability to excel in sports during her youth resulted in being a top performer in the sport of basketball. Her early achievements in academics and athletics paved the way for 15 athletic scholarship opportunities. Linda chose to attend LaSalle University where she achieved outstanding performance in Division 1 basketball. This career resulted in record breaking performances. As Captain of the LaSalle Women’s Basketball team, her outstanding performance led her to earning a place in LaSalle University Hall of Fame, The “Big Five” Hall of Fame and the Atlantic 10 Athletic Conference “Hall of Legends”. These accomplishments were complimented by a host of other prestigious athletic honors and achievements as well. While Linda gained momentous strides in her athletic career, she recognized the benefits of physical fitness, sound health and wellness which ultimately led her to adopt a vegetarian lifestyle. Linda is also a highly skilled, Master level, licensed Social Worker, where she earned her Master’s Degree (MSW) from The University of Pennsylvania. To compliment her desire to support others to improve their overall health and wellness, Linda has achieved a Naturopath Doctor recognition in addition to certifications as a Natural Health Professional (CNHP) and Personal Fitness Trainer. Linda looks forward to servicing you to achieve a vibrant and healthy lifestyle!